Storify shuts down and deletes all posts

by rajtechnews December 13, 2017 at 7:54 am 0 comments
Storify shuts down and deletes all posts

Storify, a service that let users create stories by compiling posts from Twitter, Facebook, and more into an embeddable package, is shutting down in May 2018. As of today, no new accounts can be created. At its heyday a few years ago, Storify was popular with storytellers and journalists for being an easy way to create and embed a timeline of various social media content into their work — similar to what Twitter’s Moments is today.

Existing customers can continue to use the service and creating new stories until May of next year. The FAQ section recommends that users export any content they want to save before May 16th, 2018 when Storify officially shuts down.

For those who still want to continue using Storify after May next year, the FAQ suggests they try Storify 2, after purchasing a Livefyre license. Storify 2 works inside Livefyre Studio and lets users create stories that can be embedded into sites, though now that most blogging platforms offer direct embeds of posts from Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook, there seems to be less of a need for niche products like Storify.

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