Now, pay Traffic challan using Paytm

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Now, pay Traffic challan using Paytm

Now, you can pay your e-challans using Paytm for violating traffic rules, with the Noida Traffic Police signing a pact with India’s largest digital payments company, it said on Friday. Those who violate traffic across Noida will be “able to make e-challan payments on their behalf using the Paytm web and mobile app,” Paytm said in a statement. The tie-up marks Paytm’s entry in the Delhi-NCR region in the traffic challan payment segment.

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Calling it a big relief to both Paytm customers as well as the respective authorities, the company added that the move will save considerable time and effort of users who otherwise have to travel to the designated traffic department centres for challan payment.

Also, the resources of the traffic department which were earlier spent on challan collection activities could be freed up by this. Greater visibility of challan collections is expected as well. The e-challans will also help in the streamlining of the processes of the traffic department, it added.

The e-challan collection process was launched by Paytm back in 2017. “Our digital traffic challan payment feature has received a positive reception from our customers,” said Kiran Vasireddy, COO Paytm. Thanking the traffic department for the extension of Paytm’s services, he also revealed that the company has processed more than 2 million transactions for all listed traffic bodies till date.

Noida is not the first in the list of the cities that have employed Paytm’s services in collecting e-challans. Kolkata, Chennai, Vijayawada, Nashik And West Godavari are some of the cities which are already using Paytm’s services. Currently, states such as Telangana, Maharashtra, Tamil Nadu, Andhra Pradesh, and West Bengal have functional Paytm involvement. With Noida Traffic police’s initiative, Uttar Pradesh becomes the sixth state in the tie-up. Paytm also aims to process over 3 million transactions by the end of 2019…….Read More>>


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