Ditch body-shaming conversations; 5 best ways to feel confident about your own self

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Ditch body-shaming conversations; 5 best ways to feel confident about your own self

It is mandatory to be confident in anything and everything that you do. Nobody in this entire world is born with self-confidence, it is something that you learn with time. Indeed when we say “Practice makes a man perfect”, you just have to practice self-confidence in every given situation. Fear nothing and stand up for taking challenges every new day. Being confident allows you to stick to your values and principles which helps you to remain true to your own self.

Hence stop devaluing your worth, feel comfortable in your own skin and learn to appreciate yourself for who you are. The following five tips will help you to believe in whatever we just said. Read on to find out!

Start making decisions on your own

Peter T. Mcintyre, a famed painter from New Zealand once said: “Confidence comes not from always being right but from not fearing to be wrong.” The first step to feeling confident is to make your own decisions be it good or bad. This is important in order to learn from your experience rather than relying on somebody else’s piece of advice. So, stop fearing failure and stand for your own will.

Healthy introspection is the key

Take out some time to spend with yourself and invest in your own happiness. Spending time by yourself once in a while does not mean that you are alone. Rather a healthy introspection can be delightful for your mental health. Catch up on things like listening to your favourite music or reading something good. Do more things that you love and it will eventually give you happiness.

Stop worrying, people will judge you anyway

Focusing on self-improvement and personal growth will help you to distract from negativity. A lot of people around you will always be there to judge you and your actions. Thus, there is no reason to waste your energy in worrying about such things.

Don’t be hard on yourself

Holding on the emotional pain from your past experiences will bring nothing positive in your present effect. It will rather have a bad impact on both of your personal and professional life. Acknowledge the matter once and for all – accept your mistake and learn from your bad experience.

Body-shaming conversations are SHAMEFUL!

Body-shaming conversations are really common these days without realising that you are channelising negative vibes about your own self. Talking about how your body looks like will not change anything about it -instead learn to accept yourself the way you are, especially physically.​

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