Debit card holder? Know charges you have to pay for various services – SBI vs BoB vs HDFC Bank vs ICICI Bank

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Debit card holder? Know charges you have to pay for various services – SBI vs BoB vs HDFC Bank vs ICICI Bank

Debit cards are every bank account holders’ main object for withdrawing cash, considering there are certain rules and norms for carrying cash in hand. Debit cards have become like a best friend, either while removing cash at an ATM, or paying bills and dues, or for a matter of fact making payments anywhere in the world using internet banking and point of sale (POS) machines. Everyone who has open a bank account is given a debit card for their financial transactions outside the ambit of banking premises. Debit cards can be used at either your bank branches or any other. Even though it sounds great to have a debit card and you cannot resist having it, but for your information there a host of charges which come packed for having one of these cards.

Either you are re-generating a PIN, or applying for a debit card, or lost your card or for maintaining one – they all have some charges levied by your bank.

Debit card charges are different from bank to bank. However, if you are a State Bank of India (SBI), Bank of Baroda (BoB), HDFC Bank and ICICI Bank customer, then here’s a list of charges you pay on your debit card.

ICICI Bank! 

At ICICI Bank, for coral debit card joining there, is a fee of Rs 499, and an annual fee of Rs 499 on the same. However, there are no charges on all other debit cards.

If you have lost or damaged your card, and are in need of replacement, then this service will cost you Rs 200 per card. Further, if you want to regenerate you PIN, then Rs 25 charges are levied [(Not applicable if request through Instapin at Branch / Customer Care (IVR)].

Bank of Baroda! 

While issuing a debit card, BoB charges fee of Rs 150 plus taxes on visa and mastercard variants, while Rs 50 plus taxes is levied on RuPay card customers. Notably, there are no charges on PMJDY card variants.

For holding a debit card, the first year is free. However, after that, there is an annual fee of Rs 150 per annum.

In case of card replaces due to loss or damage, BoB charges a customer with Rs 200 per replacement. In PIN re-generation, the bank charges Rs 150 for every regeneration.

HDFC Bank! 

An annual fee of Rs 150 plus taxes is levied on HDFC Bank debit card in regular variant per year. The same amount is applicable on renewal as well. However, if you have add-on debit card, then there are no charges for first year, but after that, Rs 150 plus taxes every year is charged.

If you want to have a platinum card, then HDFC Bank will charge you with much higher amount than compared to regular one. For having a platinum debit card, you will have to pay Rs 750 fee plus taxes per year for maintenance and renewal.

Here, for card replacement, the bank charges you Rs 200. In case, of PIN regeneration, the bank only levies Rs 50 plus taxes.


While issuing a debit card, SBI charges Rs 100 including service tax for gold variant, Rs 306 for platinum variant with service tax. There are no charges on classic and global card which are categorised as a normal variant.

At first year, there are no annual maintenance charges at SBI, however, from second year – the bank charges Rs 100 plus taxes on classic card, Rs 150 plus taxes on silver card, Rs 200 plus taxes on platinum card and Rs 300 plus taxes on pride/premium business card.

For replacement and duplicate or regeneration of PIN, the SBI levies Rs 204 and Rs 51 including service taxes each on their card.

Therefore, even though there is no escape from annual debit card maintenance charges, but you reduce the quantum of costs by not losing your card or regenerating the PIN.



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